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Mount Olympus

Wonder of Nature, the legendary mountain of the ancient Greek Gods. 
The shape of Olympus diverse and changeable beauty of nature, the tall peaks, full of fog and low clouds often bring storms caused awe and admiration of the prehistoric man who lived at the foothills of which the archaeologists today reveals findings from settlements of the Iron Age. The first inhabitants of the area they create legends of the Twelve Gods of the Ancient Greeks. The twelve gods inhabit the canyons, "aspects of Olympus" as Omiros mention where their palaces are. The Pantheon (today Mytikas) is their meeting point, the theater of stormy discussions. The throne of Zeus (the current Stefani) hosts exclusively the god of gods, Zeus. From there unleashes his thunderbolts thus showing the "godly wrath". The Olympus in the Iliad called great, long and brilliant. At the foothills of Olympus, 5 km to the sea fraud, lies Dion, the sacred city of Macedonians dedicated to Zeus and the twelve gods. The prime is placed between the 5th BC and 5th AD century. Excavations began in 1928 and continued until today revealed rich finds Macedonian, Hellenistic and Roman era, found in the museum of Dion. The entire Pierikos Olympus declared an archaeological and historical site in order to preserve the architectural and historical aspect.

In 1981 UNESCO declared Mount Olympus "Biosphere Reserve".
N. Kallikratia – Thessaliniki – Katerini , 128 km 1:23΄