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On the top of the Mount Athos peninsula and at a distance of 100 km away from the Secret Paradise Hotel  lies Ouranoupolis, the Gate of Mount Athos.

Ouranoupolis is a divine landscape, combining mountainous and sea beauties.

The village seems to be a serene portrait which welcomes the pilgrims and prepares them for their spiritual journey to Mount Athos. Besides that Ouranoupolis means in Greek, the city of the heaven, the city who drives you up to heaven... Its visitors are welcomed by the Tower of Andronikos, the “alert protector” of the city for centuries, built in 1344 by the monastery Vatopediou as a protection from the pirates. In front of the tower lies the port, the gate of Mount Athos, where either the ferry boats travel to the monasteries or cruise around the peninsula at a distance of 500m from the beach.

Inevitably Ouranoupolis is the last stop for all pilgrims who wish to visit Mount Athos since they have to collect early in the morning the Diamonitirio, a written authorization and the ticket for the ferry boat.


Program  for tour to Mount Athos

(valid from 01 of May until 30 September)

We leave from the port of Ormos Panagias / Sithonia/at 9:30h. Around 12:00 we're close to the monastic republic. Until then, on the ship will have information in different languages (greek, english, german, romanian, bulgarian, russian and others) about the cruise program and the history of Mount Athos. Around 12:00 will we turn left and move to the west of Mount Athos from south to north at a distance of 500 meters from the shore. This is allowable distance for cruise ships. This is their border. On our program we will see eight large monasteries, and several ports.

Around 13:30 we will arrive in the village Ouranoupoli/ Heavenly City / located 1.5 km from the border of Mount Athos. There in the village will take a break for about an hour - for lunch or walk to the shops for shopping icons and souvenirs. Then around 14:30 we will leave for Ammuliani Island where you will take a break for about an hour for the beach or walk through the village on the island. Then coming back to the ship and go back to Ormos Panagias in the rhythm of the Greek bouzouki.

Our cruise ends around17:30h.

During the cruise you will receive tsipouro (Greek brandy), salty appetizer and fruit salad.

Mount Athos is an autonomous monastic republic. Located in Greece, but is completely independent of Greece. Has a land border which is not passed by anyone - neither men nor women. Entering Mount Athos is only by sea and only by men who have the necessary visa. Therefore, since everyone wants to touch this holy community, we organize this cruise which can climb all - both men and women and children.

Mouth Athosis a sacred and special place. Anyone who came on Halkidiki have to see it,to touch it !!!

Ticket price for adult 25 €

Children 6-12 years old, 13 €

Children 0-6 years old , free of charge.

Hotel can provide booking for tickets.